Sunday, 24 February 2013

A very Humble Thank You

So this week my blog has reached a little bit of a milestone. 100 members to be precise. When I started the blog almost three years ago i never expected as much interest as that. I primarily started this little blog as a way to document my hobby and to help keep myself motivated whilst away from home at university.

I'm so delighted that people have found my little corner of the internet interesting, and it has been great to meet so many like minded gamers and hobbyist. So once again, a massive thank you to every one who has stopped by, commented or followed.

 Hobby wise this week I have moved forward with the Hoplite tankette project. This had become a bit of a frustrating project the last couple of weeks, with plenty of hours being put in, with very little visible advancement. But now that the basic shape is completed the detailing has begun. I started with a little textured plasticard on the rear gun deck.

From here I cut into the deck and added space for a rear engine hatch and started work on the weapons mount. I wanted this to look quite robust, so a nice thick piece of plastic rod was added, detailed with some thin strips of plastic card. I might add weild lines to this piece with a little green stuff.

Also this week i grabbed a few painting hours, beginning work on a classic GW Sensei model, which I will be using as a stand in model for a Primaris Psyker.

Thats all for now. Thanks again for taking a look. Until Next time. :)


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