Thursday, 31 January 2013

Vesen Campaign- Battle in the Valley Orks vs Imperial Guard battle report

With the Orks of Trackle Black Secrada holding the small village to the north of the Imperial line, the brave guardsmen dug in along the banks of the Valley, awaiting the Orks inevitable push.

It was after noon on the feast day of Macharius when the advanced parties of Ork raiders moved into the gun sites of the 4th Company, Vastadtian 32nd Fusiliers. The 4th were supported by elements of third and 5th (siege) company Vastadtian 7th Armoured Corps and by the Vastadtian Air wing, who were providing much needed top cover in these remote postings. A squad of the now dispossessed Adeptus Arbites now travelled with the Vastadtians, given that their precinct was being ransacked by the lawless Orks.
In a puff of fumes, the Orks descend on the imperial lines.

The first hint of an Ork assault on its way was the thick black smoke, coming from the fossil fuel combustion engines of the fearsome war bikers. The speed and ferocity of the bikers charge almost caught the imperials off guard, however the mad dash saw the Orks run headlong into open terrain. The guard opened up with everything they had, taking out both Ork war bikers and a deffkopta that was trying desperately to hit the guard flanks.
Fire on my command- The Vastadtian guns present.

With three of their number cut down, and the Psyker battle squad planting fearful thoughts, the Nob Bikers turned tail and sped back down the valley floor. They would soon recover their will, however...

With the Bikers and kopta bearing the brunt of the guard fire-power, the mighty war boss on bike hit the side of the Vastadtian lines, drawing the infantry of blu platoon into close and bloody combat to try and prevent the psykers being completely wiped out. The Ork fire from the opposite ridge came into effect with lootas and Kannon killing many Arbites, depleting their number in a way they had been unable to do in the close quarters city fight. 

The Nob Bikers rally as they see their Boss killing the pesky Humies.

The situation looked desperate for the beleaguered guardsmen. The war boss was cutting great swathes of infantry down with each swing of his claw and more Orks were poised ready to bundle into the fray.
Turn three and the orks are ready to lurch into combat. 
Just as the Orks commit to the assault  the imperials play their joker. Launching a second front, imperial reserves, in the form of an elite assassin (Marbo) and a penal legion detachment attack the Ork Guns. 

The Vastadtian air wing also brings in one of its gun ships, raining fire on the Ork Kannon  ceasing one gun for good. All still hung in the balance however, as the combat was slowly being won by the Orks  By this point both the Ork war boss and the imperial commander where dead, slain by the sheer press of the assault. A bloody and undignified for both commanders.

The penal legion finished off the grots manning the remaining Kannon, as the assassin leapt into the remaining Lootas, slaughtering them in a deadly arch of his mono filament blade. 

The Ork boys however had wiped out the entire blue platoon and were now making for the unsupported tanks.
They made short work of the chimera, however suffered greatly at the hands of the remaining flamer troops who had been hold up in its hull. 

The last remaining nob biker made a desperate dive at the only remaining Arbiter, crushing him viscously under his tracks. Searching out targets the Vendetta gun ship tracked the Bikes Smoky trail and blew him asunder, before his victory bellow could reach his foul black lips.

The demolisher opened fire with its sponsons, slaying the remaining Ork boys as the special weapons squad fast roped from the now hovering Gunship onto the central hill. The penal legion held the eastern ridge and awaited reinforcements behind the hill, the custodian allowing them a rare chance to seek cover.

With the Orks wiped off the battle field the few remaining imperials rested, relieved slightly, but knowing the distant grumbling of engines would continue to grow louder and louder...

All in all this was another great game. Im looking forward to the bigger one we have coming up very soon. Been a while since Ive played 2000 plus, so should be exciting. :)


  1. Absolutely fantastic, I love it. Simply put it is the reason why I play. Top job mate. ;)


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