Saturday, 29 December 2012

North Down Blood Bowl League

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season! Apologies for my absence, I have just moved house, and with settling in it, coupled with the busiest working weeks of the year, I have only really managed to grab a few hours for hobby time. 
No Astro-turf Here!

Last Night saw the completion of the second game of the North Down Blood Bowl League. A highly strung affair, this match pitched the Dwarfs Barak Varr Begrudgers against the Human Deluxe Dodgers. 

 Friday Night Football- the gamers way!

This really was a game of two halves, with 4 Touchdowns in total. The scoring tally was opened by an early breakout by the Deluxe Dodgers, managing to successfully make a long pass over the heads of the stunty Dwarfs and push an early lead. Meanwhile the Dwarfs had paid a little too much attention to knocking heads together, injuring two players and forcing them off the field. 

The Next Touchdown was from a fairly spirited surge from the Dwarfs, managing a swift drive up field for a touchdown in the middle of the first half. However celebrations were short lived as a pitch invasion left several of the Dwarf and Human players down, leaving a big enough gap in the Dwarf lines for a breakout and speedy second touchdown for the sure footed Deluxe Dodgers Catcher, his second of the day.

The Second half saw a slow grind up the field for the Dwarfs, driving the ball forward in a long struggle. With players on both sides quickly getting tired a win for the Deluxe Dodgers was looking inevitable. With the last minutes ticking off the game, the Dwarves managed to force just enough of a gap to allow their Runner to maul through, taking his and the Dwarves second touchdown of the game,pulling the score back to a draw.

This was probably the best game of Blood Bowl I have ever played. The luck really swung both ways, with both Tom and I experiencing a roller coaster of emotion. He managed to get a few more pics of the game, so when he posts them up, I will link it through.

As for the North Down Blood Bowl League, this is probably the one of the smallest leagues ever, with two team owners and only four teams, it really is in its infancy. Here are the league standings so far, as well as all the match ups..

And below are all the match ups. With four games to play anything can happen. Looking forward to seeing the Skaven team, Magik and Warpstones in action.  

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