Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Leman Russ- Its Back!

Well after several years in the wilderness, I think the Leman Russ Battle Tank is back. I have only played a few games of sixth edition, but in the games I have played, I was reminded of why I always loved the Armoured behemoth!

My tag team men of the match tonight. 

Tonight I played an 1850 game against Tau (with Eldar allies). For the first three turns I was getting a sound drumming, and yes, I lost the game. But thanks to the might of my Siege tank and my commissars exterminator, I was able to leave a decent dent in my opponent.

The ability to now be glanced and keep going really increases the usefulness of our dear old tread. Each turn the turret weapons were able to throw out a substantial amount of fire-power, with the demolisher knocking out a squad of stealth suits and fire dragons over a couple of turns, and also taking a pair of hull points off a hammerhead. Thanks to the Heavy Tank rule, the heavy bolters on the exterminator kept up a mean stream of fire whilst keeping pace with what infantry I had left.

All in all, I am glad to have them back, Guess I will have to try out a few of the other variants too. :)


  1. Yey for the tanks! I agree, I love how much fire power an Exterminator can through down, but as for the Demolisher I cant see why a demolisher with HB sponsons is worth taking in 6th. Having to snap shot with ordnance is a shame- I get why it needs to be in the rules, but I hate having to cut up my tanks every edition change.

  2. I have to admit, I never change my tank load out for each new edition. There is always something that works. I like the heavy bolters on the demolisher. If nothing else, it means that there are some extra weapons to take the hit on a weapon destroyed result, hopefully saving your big cannon.


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