Sunday, 25 November 2012

Adeptus Arbites- long time coming!

Well I have to admit, I have had this unit lying round for almost 8 years unfinished. So it was about time I got some use out of it. I have just finished the first five (Minus a few details) and will hopefully get the next five ready for next Sundays gaming night.
 The first five
 Really enjoyed practising with yellow, although I think I have a lot of practice to go...
 The old school grenade launcher.
 The next batch ready for an undercoat.
 Really looking forward to this guy... One of the coolest GW miniatures ever!

I will just be using it as a shotgun vet squad with three grenade launchers (I thought that fitted the old bolters bet rules wise) and I really just wanted it painted up for fluffy reasons. The painting was done quite quick, with an old school scheme to fit my 40th Corps company. I have to admit though, a police chimera conversion has crossed my mind...

On another issue, work continues on the Hoplite. I have just begun the casting process on the track sections so that I can make a replica and add the detail to the outside.  Here is a scale shot I was asked for last time.

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