Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Psyker battle squad with overseer painted.

Just a quick update today on the overseer and sanctioned psykers. I have still to paint the overseers base, but I was just too excited to get some pictures up on the blog. I'm really pleased with how the purple has worked on this squad. I think this is going to be the colour of choice for my primaris Psyker when I get round to one.

I went a little purple mad and updated the banner for my 5th company command squad...

Im currently working on another project. Here's a teaser picture. Not much to go on, but long time followers of the blog might get a hint of what is going on here. :)

And Im also itching to paint this guy...

As Im sure you can tell, hobby time is back!


  1. That purple actually works quite well.

  2. Very pretty, especially on the banner.

  3. Beest assassin fig GW put out ever. :)

    Psykers are pretty darn cool sir.

  4. Very nice work as always, especially like the Standard Bearer. And of course the new project! ;)

  5. Glad you guys are enjoying the purple. Has made me consider a squad of Jantine patricians. :)

    Yes. I will have more info on the special new project very soon!

    @Dai- Couldt agree more. This guy is super cool! He is going to be a stand in Marbo.


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