Monday, 15 October 2012

Overseer for Psyker Battle Squad painted.

It is time to redress the balance once and for all. For the last six months or so I have generally been faced with lots of small changes in my life. But finally after much upheaval, things seem to be settling down. This means...hobby time is back!!!

With a couple of commissions finished off, I have now turned my attention to finishing off the little bits and pieces that have been lying almost complete for a while. First on my hit list was painting up the overseer for my sanctioned battle squad. My penal legion custodian has been filling in the role for the last few games, but I thought it was time to get this squad up to speed.

The model I used was simply the old Cadian metal commander. For a long time I pondered what to do with this model. I loved the pose, but never really seen him in charge of a company going to war. I knew were he belonged as soon as I saw the Psyker battle squad entry in the codex, and had been meaning to get him finished up for a long time. So here he is...

As I have included a lot of purple on this model, I am going to find a way to incorporate some purple into my psykers. I will have an update on their progress soon.

I have thoroughly enjoyed painting this miniature, it has felt so good to get re-acquainted with a paintbrush. Cant wait to dive in to my next project!!!


  1. I have ever seen him in purple but it looks fantastic! Nice work!

  2. Thanks. The purple coat was my first experiment with the new GW paints. I have to say, I found them an absolute treat to work with. I hope to do a short review of them very soon.


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