Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Awesome New Project!

A few weeks ago I received a very cool email from a friend I have admired on-line for many years. Many know him as Col. Gravis although his real name is Rob.

Rob recently opened up a brand new web store selling all sorts of wonderful bitz and pieces, many involving the Pith Helmet motif. If you haven't seen the store, check it out HERE!. I purchased some lovely metal dress uniform bodies from this site, a review of which can be found HERE!.

Anyway, Rob emailed me asking if I would like to work with him, creating a line of vehicles for his store. I could not restrain my excitement and immediately jumped at the chance. So we settled on starting a project within my comfort zone, some completely original tankettes.

 The track sections, the outer hull and the main driver compartment, all in the early stages of design.

Many of you may have seen my own tankettes, produced a few years ago now, which incorporated many GW parts. But this would be a complete revamp of the original design. Every part would have to be hand made from scratch, from tank track to weapon mount.
My early design, from a few years ago. 

So far its been quite a challenge and as you can see, progress is slow, but I am very excited to see the finished vehicle go into production.


  1. Very cool! I'll be watching this with great interest - keep up the great work!

  2. Sweet, I'd be interested in purchasing some of these.

  3. Glad you guys like it. A couple of people have been asking about a time frame for this project, and its my hope not to take too long to complete the build. However its the first vehicle I have tried to design for reproduction, so I have to keep in mind many things that previously didn't matter. As soon as I have a better idea of how long this will take me I will let you all know. Just keen to hear any feed back as this project goes along.

    Hope you enjoy following this project as much as I am enjoying doing it! :)

  4. Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing the finished model.

  5. Going to keep a close eye on this. I could see at least 2 probably more being picked up depending on price.

    I loved the originals so cannot wait.


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