Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Commissar with Power Fist Painted

I have been blessed recently with a few very productive evenings this last week. Last night I again managed to trade a few hours sleep to paint up my commissar with power fist model. 

I have had this lying around since the new metal commissars came out, and he had lay around doing nothing. I even misplaced his book arm for around six months.  I am so pleased to finally give these poor neglected models the time and effort they deserve and hope they get some game time in very soon as well. 

I really am in a hobby mood at the moment, so expect updates soon, despite a rather intense schedule of real life work this coming week end. 


  1. That turned out great! Definitely one of my favorite Commissar sculpts - love what you've done with it!

  2. I agree. Its an absolute joy to paint. I have really enjoyed painting some good old fashioned metal miniatures recently!

  3. You really are starting to master the use of colour.


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