Thursday, 16 August 2012

commission continues

Work continues on my space marine commission. It’s getting there, but unfortunately my only internet connection is either my phone or the free WI fi from the café next door, which is only available from the downstairs landing.

I have started work on the scouts. So far I am pleased with the progress. The green stuff folds quite well with the shape of the scout torso.

I have continued work also on the tactical marines, by adding extra symbols and regalia.

That’s all for this post. I will be putting more up in the next few days. Not much to go now


  1. As always keep up the good work, and hopefully will catch up when you get back home, on the table.

  2. I'm really liking the shoulder pad sculpting! nice work!

  3. Thanks guys. Glad your liking them. Not much to go now. should be doing a final update in a day or two.


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