Thursday, 26 July 2012

Vesen Campaign-Battle report Orks V Guard

I have managed to slot in two games of sixth edition this week. The first an 1850pt game against tau, which was a great introduction. The second I will be detailing here....

Great weather to be riding in a centaur!

So This was a 400pt tester game, just to try out the basic mechanics of 6th edition. So here are the forces..

 The Ork "Ambushers"

Big Mek with a shokk attack gun
5 Lootas
3 Kannon
20 Shoota boyz with a nob and bosspole and two big shootas.

The Guard "Forward Patrol"

Company Command Squad- 2 flamers
Centaur transport
Veterans squad with 3 Meltaguns
Chimera (Troop Truck)
Penal Troops 
Hydra Flak Tank

The Background...

After successfully pushing the Orks back into the outer limits of the city, Imperial forces have been hunting down and destroying the scattered Ork forces that remain. This period of the Vesen Campaign has seen some of the shortest, most brutal combats sparked off as pockets of resistance emerge. Usually this is contained to a desperate charge by the Orks, however, occasionally this can be a deadly trap for the Imperial patrol teams...

The Mission was Purge the Alien, deployment was number 3- diagonal set up.

The Imperials advanced into the Administratum district. Moving up in their trucks the Imperium expected little in the way of resistance. A previous sweep in this sector had shown nothing, but just as the imperials gunned their engines, ready for home, they caught site of gun barrels nestled in the buildings beyond. 

 The imperials deploy facing the enemy guns, unaware of the desperate situation
The Ork Guns Prepare to take on the Imperial Patrol.

Unaware of enemy strengths, the Patrol commander, Lt. Bliskin advanced, hoping to use the fire power of his half tracks to take the wind out of the enemy. Meanwhile he ordered his own Centaur to flank the building and provide suppressing fire from its stubber and the flamers in his own squad. Three Ork boys caught out of cover fell to the imperial guns. 

This swift advance however caused the troop truck to throw a track, stranding the vehicle in a crater.

The Gretchen crew wait uncharacteristicly patiently for the Imperials to advance. 

The Ork return fire is brutal, a Kannon shell clips the ammo hoppers of the Hydra and sparks off a detonation, exploding the tank. The lootas fire upon Lt. Bliskin's Centaur, killing the exposed driver dead, and forcing an all stop. The Stub gunner bravely continues firing into the Orks Massing at the foot of the building.  Killing another three.

The Veterans squad disembarks from their stricken carrier, but despite returning fire and taking down a few Orks from the mob, they are Pulped by the combined fire power of the Shokk Attack Gun and the Kannon. Many White Crosses will be chalked up at HQ this day.

Despite the arrival of the penal legion, the imperials are fighting desperately for their lives. 

The Ork Boys advance on the Company command squad hiding in the ruins. 

LT Bliskin, bravely struggles against the remaining boys, but gets dragged down screaming defiantly to the last. 
The Remaining penal troops, under strict supervision from their custodian, fall back, hoping to get the word out of enemy strengths in the area. 

So all in all the Imperials received a right drumming. Given the fire power arrayed against me there was little I could do, especially with my limited deployment zone. The Orks fought a textbook ambush, hitting me with a heavy opening salvo and delivering the final knock out blow with a charge on my lines. 

A great game, but next time the Imperials will be ready!!!


  1. Nice! Definitely a great looking game - thanks for sharing the pics and doing the write-up!

  2. It was my pleasure. I love doing these write ups, but I dont always get the time. I like your blog Mordian7th. Cool looking knight titans there!

  3. Nice game and at a points value that I can appreciate (Cos I'm old)as very much more oldschool than the current standard.

    Good pics too - love the model's eye view!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the points value. We love 40k in 40 mins, although we are getting on a bit ourselves. LOL. Hopefully get more battle reports soon when we start our own gaming group in september.


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