Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Eastern Fringe...well sort of...

Well, this time in 5 hours I will be travelling to Edinburgh for a month run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As you may or may not know, my other passion is comedy, and I will be performing as part of FNT, a Belfast based comedy group, in the show "The Jingling Lane Family Singers".

So whilst I'm away I will be continuing to work on the commissions I have been given, as well as working on a few additions to my forces with the advent of sixth. I had planned to take my brettonians, but space is just too limited.  I will be updating in between times, so do stay tuned. I will have a few hours down time each day, so this is how I hope to spend it.

Also just a quick update on my latest work on the marine commission, including some heavy duty legs and custom bionics...
 A lot of work still needed on these legs, but I wanted the heavy bolter gunner to have what looked like early pattern reinforced legs
 Again some work still needed on the feet, but I pleased how the bionic hip and thigh turned out.
More updates very soon!


  1. Enjoy it, and break lots of legs!

    If you've not been before, Edinburgh is amazing - a great atmosphere and superb gigs. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Admiral Drax. Im a week in and having a blast! The GW on the roayl mile is good too!!!


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