Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Terminator Tabbards

Well, work is under way on the second of my commissions. This time I have been asked to sculpt some tabbards and cloaks on a mixture of terminators, tactical marines and scouts.

I have to admit that apart from my battle Psyker squad I have never really dealt in much cloak work, but i must say I am enjoying the challenge.

I found a couple of tutorials on From The Warp which have come in very handy for this process.

I must apologise for the pics, its late and I cant be bothered to go to my car and get my good camera,so for now I've just got a few tester shots. but more will be forthcoming soon. Lets start with the terminators...

More pictures very soon.


  1. Astral claws? Very nice Greenstuff work.

  2. Yes. These are some astral claws I was working on for a friend Dave Kane. He has started his own blog here...


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