Thursday, 12 July 2012

Its still alive...

Firstly. Major apologies for the gap between posts. Amazingly lots has been happening, however, I just havent had the time at the keyboard to post anything. While I have been involved heavily in the tournament scene locally, organising four 40k and three Warhammer tournaments in the last 4 months with my friend Tom, I haven't had a second to pick up a paint brush.

However that has changed this week. I have just taken delivery of a couple of commission works I have been asked to do. First an awesome cool mini or not model...
 The commission was to paint up the owl like the original on the box.
 So I started with a heavy layer of Calthan brown and the dry brushed Dineb stone followed by Dineb stone and white
 I then inked down the bird with a mix of Nuln Oil and gryphon sepia

This is a prize I offered at one of the tournaments. Really looking forward to getting stuck into the final details of this model.

And the second commission is for a bit of conversion work to marines, adding tabbards and loin cloths to tactical marines and terminators, and also adding some camo gear to the scouts. Again a project im very excited to get under way with. I hope to have pic updates of these as soon as I've got stuck in.

Also with sixth edition of 40k out now, Im very keen to get back into fun gaming mode and bring the Vesen Campaign to a close.

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