Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Assault terminator conversions- improved pics

Well work continues on this commission. I have almost completed the terminators. Not bad for three evenings, I think they were quite quick. I will be adding a few more tweaks, and checking that they fit the commission specifications.

I have also started a few testers for the Tactical marine torsos and leg tabbards. Just waiting for the go ahead on these and I will be able to complete this squad, hopefully before the end of next week.


I am also experimenting with some sashes and some other more Roman inspired designs, but again I have to see if this fits the original commission before continuing.

You may recognise the heads. These are Pig Iron Productions pieces. I quite like them. They have a bit of a halo UNSC feel to them I think.

Then onto the scouts, which I am really looking forward to, they should be quite a challenge, but I am really interested to see how they will turn out!

That's all for now, will probably post up the completed cool mini or not owl commission at the end of this week, which is almost ready to send off to its owner.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool! Those tabards really came out looking great - keep up the fantastic work!


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