Sunday, 22 April 2012

Normal service to resume soon...

The last two months have been busy, with tournaments, work and various other projects.

Firstly was the North Down Gamers Hubs first tournament, War on the Shore. For this I spent my month painting terrain and fussing over posters and rankings. We are currently planning our second tournament, which will take place on the 6th May. This will be a one day event with both a warhammer and a 40k tournament running side by side. Scary buscuits!!!

As some of you may know, my other Passion is comedy. I'm involved in a local comedy sketch group called Friday Night Therapy (FNT). We are Belfast based but are hoping to take our show on the road, starting with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. So we are currently engaged in lots of fundraising, writing and general messing about. Here I am singing as the captain of the titanic...

I also landed a role in an up and coming sci fi sitcom which has gone to pilot. In this I play a half wit stormtrooper type role. If it makes it to screen, i will let you all know when and were you can see it.

This is my costume for the shoot, minus the gun arms. As you can see, I have made friends with some sort of droid.

Work has also been steadily increasing. My new role as function manager has seen me taking on more responsibility and forced me to act more "all growed up".

All of this has been great fun, and I have loved being busy, but it has hit on my regular hobby time and indeed on my time for blogging. 

Despite this, I feel I am starting to manage my time a bit more effectively and over the last few days, I have managed to squeeze in a few hours here and there to pursue my hobby interests. I have started work on the dioramas for the rear compartments of my troop trucks (Pics below) and I have even made it to the local club night, Escape, in Bangor. So things are starting to look bright again in the hobby world. Hopefully I will have more to show you all very soon!  

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