Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tournaments Tournaments Tournaments

Well folks, that's right tournament fever has gripped our wee country. In the last year I have been to more tournaments than I could have imagined. As someone who never considered themselves a tournament player, I have immensely enjoyed the experience, especially meeting new friends and reuniting with old tabletop foes.

That's me in the red shirt at encore in February. A great days gaming up in Londonderry. 

It is great to see such a strong scene growing in Northern Ireland. Already there seems to be a strong player base, with some particularly top tier play happening, without an elitist attitude to the new comer, and I hope this attitude continues in the coming years.
Preparing my tanks for battle at q-con last year

This upsurge in the local scene has inspired both myself and a few other local gamers to set up a small 'hub' for gamers, the North Down Gamers Hub. We also have a facebook page HERE  This isn't a club or a shop, merely a place where local news, events and clubs can be organised, advertised and promoted. We also want to run local tournaments and unique gaming events in the North Down area to expand our connections with local gamers.   

We have our first tournament coming up early next month which we have spent the last few weeks painting scenery for and we are very excited to see that gamers both near and far want to support it and come along for a day packed with gaming fun.

That's all for now. Apologies for the lack of updates. I've had a few very interesting weeks, and not much free time for blogging, but hopefully I will be back with a vengeance soon. 


  1. Great seeing you and the lads as always AJ, looking forward to the next Encore! And of course I'll try and make the War on the Shore!

    Those are my fingers in the first picture by the way ;)

  2. Man, this all looks great!

    Hope you have fun with it...


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