Monday, 6 February 2012

NMM - The true star of the super bowl

Despite a glittering half-time show, excellent cheerleading displays, many fabulous advert breaks and a host of great (and not so great) plays, for me the winner of this years Super bowl has to be the grounds keepers. Managing to apply this...

To This...

To create this...

Its a simply stunning piece of work and has inspired me to keep on trucking with Non metallic metals. It acts as a very good example of how NMM is achieved. I think I will be keeping this picture close at hand in future whilst painting up my Bretonian knights.


  1. I've recently been experimenting with Real Metallic Metals which I think give a much nicer end product for gaming miniatures.

    I've always found that NMM photograph realy well but look less convincing in real life. Whilst RMM get a better "in hand" look.

    I recently decided to test out some techniques on armour... though I stopped short of land / sky highlighting or whatever it is they call it these days.

    I need more practice btw...

  2. Looks great Oink. Really smooth highlighting there. I haven't heard the term real metallic metals before. something to research me thinks, although I am familiar with sky/earth highlighting (very much beyond my level of painting to be honest.

    I think practice is the key really. I dont think there is anything else for it. I will be working extra hard on this for the next while with my brettonians.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your NMM/RMM oink!


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