Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rough Riders, Psyker battle squads and finalised highlander list

So with Dominion Day 5 fast approaching, I have been getting geared up.. mainly sorting out the rough rider squad and Psyker battle squad I included in the list. You may remember ages ago I picked up some empire wizard and Grave cart bitz to create my psykers from... if you don't the post about it can be found HERE. here is how the squad was coming along before today.

A group shot. Im going to use the old company command squad senior officer model as a stand in overseer. 

This is one of my favourite conversions for the Psyker battle squad. I wanted them to have a real Adeptus Mechanicus look to them. 

Some more of the squad. I think this picture shows the diversity of the empire wizard kit quite well..

Been green stuffing like crazy today with these guys. And the 6 rough riders are ready to get primed and painted. They are sitting like so...

Here is a group shot of the first six. I do plan on another four, but I have something special lined up for the squad weapons.

The sergeant has got his arms back. The sabre is taken from a kasr kin sergeant. One of the coolest power sword models ever produced in my opinion.

And the pistol guy has got his pistol back. this time taken from a Baneblade Commander.

And so onto the final list I have chosen. I listened carefully to the advice I had received on the last list, and you will notice that I have made a few minor tweaks. Nothing massive, as I had to rely on the models I had ready mostly, but some nice quirky different things I've slipped in there.

Company Command Squad
with lascannon = 70pts

Guardsman Marbo= 65pts

Psyker battle squad
6 psykers =80pts

Infantry platoon-

Platoon command squad
4 x flamers =50pts

Infantry squad- grenade launcher , Autocannon = 65pts

Infantry squad- grenade launcher , Heavy bolter
+commissar w/ power weapon =110pts

Veteran squad
3 meltaguns =100

Rough Rider squad
Sergeant with melta bombs
5 x Rough riders = 70pts

Vendetta Gunship = 130pts

Ordnance Battery- Griffon =75pts

Leman Russ Demolisher
Hull heavy bolter
Sponson heavy bolters =185


That is all for now. Will try and post up some finished pics early tomorrow.

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