Friday, 20 January 2012

Dominion Day V @Arkham- Awesome freehand banner!!!

Well just a tiny post about one of the most awesome freehand banners I have seen up close. I am still trying to find the name of the artist, and I will find it, but he also had an absolutely gorgeous Imperial guard Valhallan force, which won best army on the day. Without further ado then, here it is...

A simply stunning piece I am sure you will all agree. I hope to see more of this gentleman's work in the future!


  1. That banner looks great, the marine on the other hand doesnt quite look up to the same standard though... Any photos of the Valhallan force?

  2. I didn't manage to get any shots of the guard, although there is a tournament coming up soon and I'm hoping this gentleman will be there. The marines themselves weren't quite on par with the freehand, but I don't think he had finished the detail work on the actual troopers.

  3. That's the work of Steve 'Moby' Cumiskey. He's an ex-GW bod and used to be on the design team. You'll see his name in old GW articles and he was one of the writers on "How to make wargames terrain".

    His guard army was beautifully painted (more lovely freehand there), but he paints in a very understated style so unless you take a close look you miss out on how nice it is.

  4. Thats awesome. I didnt know it was Steve Cumiskey! Will update this post now. Thanks Jonny.


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