Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Converted Sanctioned Psykers Painted

Well as you may know, I have been working on a squad of sanctioned psykers recently. I had used a combination of Bretonian bowmen heads, Empire wizard and Corpse Cart driver body and arms and the odd bit of plasticard, green stuff and guitar string to achieve my aims.

My concept had been to base the squad on the odd looking collection of beings highlighted below in the Imperial Guard codex cover art.

With a few tournaments on the horizon (the first of which was on Saturday past) I was in a bit of a hurry to paint this squad up. I didn't get time to do an overseer, so I had to use my penal sergeant as a stand in (which worked quite well). Here is the squad I ended up with. 

The mix of empire wizard and corpse cart driver pieces really adds a nice mixture of movement withing the squads. 

This was one of my favourite ones to build. It is based on the corpse cart driver, with a inquisitors servo skull attached to guitar string and even some GW barbed wire (which used out of context can simply look like inter-coiled wiring).

This set of poses shows how a simple change of direction of the head can change the pose of the model. Both use the same bodies and arms, but have heads looking out in different directions. For the paper scroll I used a Ork Trukk part (used to created the tow cable on the front of the truck) and green stuffed a ream of paper. The head is from the Bretonian errant knights sprue. 

The hood on the servoskull wielding Psyker was my first attempt at green-stuffing such a garment, and I was quite pleased with the result.

These two psykers were given Bretonian Peasant bowmen heads. They were probably the most rushed conversions as time was getting slim. 

Another favourite of mine. I think this guy looks like the most superior of the squad and is probably under the cloak the least human. This was my second greenstuffed hood and I was very pleased with my progress. I really like the blue trim and I might find a way to sneak in some extra colour to the squad when I am painting the overseer.

At the tournament they where a real asset, killing half a squad of stern guard with a large blast in one game, and making a squad of seraphim run away for a turn in another game. I would have to say that they are a worth while investment. With their help I managed 7th place out of 32 (my best result yet!). 

One final thing, thanks to all the guys at Arkham and to Johnny (not forgetting Dale) for providing another excellent tournament. Keeps getting better and better guys. Looking forward to the next tournament at the end of February!


  1. Wow, those are awesome, very sinister - perfect!

  2. Thank you for the kind comments. Glad you like them. I really like the dark sinister edge of the 40k background, its nice to translate this into miniatures.

  3. i just found these, they are fantastic. very, very nice use of fantasy kits!

  4. Absolutely brilliant! I saw these at the time but for some reason didn't comment. Must've not been on my machine I guess. These are superb!

    A proper visionary conversion - weak pun not intended.

  5. I love those conversions! Im trying to get myself a Psyker Battle Squad and seeing these really inspires me. The GW figures pail in comparison to these

  6. Thank you, Im really glad you like them. They were quite straight forward to do, I have since updated the paint scheme and added a overseer. Check them out here...http://ajsgamingworld.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/psyker-battle-squad-with-overseer.html


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