Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cadian style rough riders- Painted

As promised, here are the painted pictures of the rough riders. This was a unit I had rarely considered playing until last weekend and I have to say I am regretting the lack of play that they have seen. A brilliant counter attacking unit, that can also be used to create a speed bump, forcing units into combat before hitting your gun line. They are great fun to play with and add some decent mobility to the imperial guard force. 
 The squad so far. I do plan on increasing the squad size to the maximum of ten. I would also like to convert my own version of mogul Kamir, although I like the idea of him being on a chariot. As you can see I have painted this squad up in 40th corps colours. I thought it was more fitting to have the cavalry look almost ceremonial.
 The squad sergeant.  Probably my favourite model in the squad.
 Well somebodies going to get shot when riding on horseback in a gun war. Guess it had to be this guy. For the blood I mixed Baal red ink and Devlan mud. 
 Quite pleased with how the banner turned out, although I rushed the white a little and I would like to do a little bit of freehand when I get the time.
And the rest of the squad....

Another tournament coming up on the 4th February, so I think Im going to try and get some more of these guys finished for it. Thats all for now. Sorry if the colour in the pictures is a little off, but the lighting in my room is pretty poor. Might have to get up a little earlier to catch the good morning sun. :)


  1. That sergeant is very cool. Dynamic pose and good control of his mount by the knees. :)

  2. It's good to see them finally finished. Up on the blog.

  3. These look great, the Sergeant in particular is brilliant, superb kit bashing and converting.

  4. Thanks guys, I am quite pleased with the squad so far. do still have a few more squad members to convert. The sergeant was my favourite too, originally had the sword pointing, but later changed this as I had lost the other hand that made it work and did not have time to sculpt or find a replacement.


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