Thursday, 29 December 2011

Rough Rider banner made from plasticard. Part 1

Well work continues on my rough riders. I'm a bit of a sucker for banners and standards, so I thought a rough riders upright lance (be careful of the people you say that phrase to) would be a great place for a flag.

I thought Id post up some work in progress shots, of this guy, just so you can see the whole process.

I stated by looking at the model and measuring and sketching a shape and outline for the banner on some .5mm plasticard.

I then cut out the desired shape and added a very thin edge of plasticard along the outside of the banner, about 2mm in width. This was to act as a sort of sandbox or any detail work I would either convert or paint onto the banner.

Using blu-tac, I tried out the pieces on the model.

There where some small joins to be covered in the outer edge of the banner, and some sanding sown to be done, so I applied liquid green stuff to any gaps or joins, left to dry and then sanded down the whole banner with a wet and dry sponge.

Then I looked for inspiration...

After a quick sketch and some cutting, I was left with this...

I made a duplicate by tracing around the outer edges and then tested the pieces on the banner to make sure it looked all right.

I drilled into the eye marks a little (only enough to create an indent) and proceeded to bend the plasticard to make it look like it was fluttering in the wind. Then I glued it onto the model.

I used a similar technique when building my Ogryn's banner...

Next time, a bit more sculpting and then to paint.


  1. Oh snap, I'm digging the banner! Well done, sir! :)

  2. That banner is exceptionally cool!

  3. Glad you guys like it, needs a bit more work, but over all I'm quite pleased with how its turning out.


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