Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Highlander rules- 1000pt Imperial Guard

Well coming up very soon is another marvellous 40k tournament at Arkham gaming centre. At the moment I'm toying with a few lists. I ideally want to get a balance of a decent list and some quirky units that I have never really used, to give me the excuse to paint them up!

For those unfamiliar with the highlander rule, it is this...

No unit (or dedicated transport) may be duplicated in the army. Yes, even troops! The only exception is for units that only have one troops choice such as Sisters of Battle or Black Templars, who may duplicate their troop choices once.

Sounds like – If an army contains different variants of a unit type, then you may include only 1 variant in your army. So only one Landraider whether it’s a Godhammer, Redeemer or Crusader, only one Dreadnought, whether it is Venerable, Furioso, Ironclad, Librarian or whatever. Etc etc.

Vehicle Squadrons are restricted to one model per unit.

IG Infantry Platoons are restricted to 1 PCS, 2 Infantry Squads, 0-1 HWS, 0-1 SWS, 0-1 Conscripts.

So with these restrictions in mind, here is the list I am considering for the tournament.

CCS- Lascannon -70

Psyker battle squad- 6 psykers -70
in chimera- Multi laser+heavy flamer -55

Marbo -65

veteran squad- Lascannon -90

platoon command squad- 3 flamers and krak grenades -50

Infantry squad- autocannon and flamer -65
Infantry squad- autocannon and flamer -65
with Commissar -35

Vendetta- 3 TL Lascannon -130

Leman Russ- Battle tank, Hull heavy bolter -150

Griffon Mortar -75

I have played a few practice games with a similar list to below, (minus rough riders and with more ratlings) and it has received mixed results, three wins and three losses. Hopefully with a few more games I can hone this list.

Any suggestions, comments and critique would be welcome!


  1. Those are interesting restrictions. It's odd in that "normally" the no duplicates rule tends not to apply to troops at all! Of course, being 1000pts... and using Guard, this really isn't an issue at all!

    Where do conscripts stand? are you not allowed to use them at all? (seeing as they weren't mentioned)... I think flooding the field with bodies could be pretty interesting!

  2. Conscripts are allowed, I've just checked on the tournament forum. It is a possibility to use conscripts, they would probably need a lord commissar though?!? Interesting idea, it would certainly be worth play testing them.

    I think the idea was that with increasing amounts of codex's allowing certain elite units to become troops, the restrictions across the board would stop spamming in general, forcing people to try different and generally much less utilised units.

  3. In that case lol! 'cos your list is pretty much still made up of the well fielded units... PBS in chim... check, vendetta... check, Marbo... check...

    I would see this as an opportunity to really try your hand at something outside the box... remember that you will probably not have to deal with the combinations of nasties you might normally!

    I mention conscripts because they will allow you to field lots of bodies for little points... great for 1000pt games! A Lord Commissar is almost a must, but its a simple replacement for the CCS.

    Take the spirit that the restrictions were intended and throw in some "crazy combinations" and your more rarely fielded units! What's been collecting the most dust? use that!

  4. I've found it hard to make aguard list which would compete with some of the stuff the GK's, SW's and Dark Eldar could put down, I think its due to guar donyl haveing 1 transport vehicle while other codex's have atleast 2+ (marines having rhino, razorback and land raider, blood angels getting the storm raven on top of that and the GK's getting the chimera on top of that again!) it meansthe poor guard become the opposite they usually are and without the ability to add another squad to make a power blob they become a infantry gunline.

    my vets had Harker and a heavy bolter in them, purely to get 6 S5 shots out. my platoon was 2 autocannons and a commissar.

    I'm trynig to figure out lists which can take down vehicles, while still threatening TWC, battlewagons, meganobs, Gazzy or paladins which could appear.

    initial list idea below:

    1000 Pts - Imperial Guard Roster

    Total Roster Cost: 1000

    HQ: Company Command Squad (5#, 90 pts)
    2 Company Command Squad, 34 pts = 2 * 6 (base cost 6) + Camo Cloak 20 + w/Lascannon 32
    1 Veteran Heavy Weapon Team, 30 pts = (base cost 10 + Lascannon 20)
    1 Company Commander, 26 pts

    Troops: Infantry Platoon (29#, 310 pts)
    1 Infantry Platoon, 0 pts
    2 Platoon Command Squad, 14 pts = 2 * 6 (base cost 6) + w/Lascannon 32
    1 Heavy Weapons Team, 30 pts = (base cost 10 + Lascannon 20)
    1 Platoon Commander, 6 pts
    7 Infantry Squad, 35 pts = 7 * 5
    1 Heavy Weapons Team, 20 pts = (base cost 10 + Autocannon 10)
    1 Sergeant, 5 pts
    7 Infantry Squad, 35 pts = 7 * 5
    1 Heavy Weapons Team, 20 pts = (base cost 10 + Autocannon 10)
    1 Commissar, 35 pts
    1 Sergeant, 5 pts
    3 Heavy Weapons Squad, 105 pts = 3 * 20 (base cost 20) + Lascannon x3 45

    Troops: Veteran Squad (10#, 135 pts)
    7 Veteran Squad, 56 pts = 7 * 7 (base cost 7) + Gunnery Sergeant Harker 62
    1 Veteran Heavy Weapon Team, 24 pts = (base cost 14 + Heavy Bolter 10)
    1 Gunnery Sergeant Harker, 55 pts

    Heavy Support: Leman Russ Squadron (1#, 180 pts)
    1 Leman Russ Squadron, 0 pts
    1 Leman Russ Demolisher, 180 pts = (base cost 165 + Lascannon 15)

    Fast Attack: Hellhound Squadron (1#, 130 pts)
    1 Hellhound Squadron, 0 pts
    1 Bane Wolf, 130 pts

    Elite: Psyker Battle Squad (10#, 155 pts)
    8 Psyker Battle Squad, 80 pts = 8 * 10
    1 Overseer, 20 pts
    1 Chimera, 55 pts

    Composition Report:
    HQ: 1 (1 - 2)
    Elite: 1 (0 - 3)
    Troops: 2 (2 - 6)
    Fast: 1 (0 - 3)
    Heavy: 1 (0 - 3)

    Hopefully this gives you idead AJ. its sadly one of the better lists I could make to try to take down what I expect to face.

  5. Interesting list Duce. I was thinking about a banewolf.

    @Oink- Most of the usual stuff I haven't played before. For example, I haven't painted my Marbo conversion, My battle psykers are still in their packaging and I'm still converting up my rough rider squad. I have tried to diversify for this tournament, but it is still worth maximum Ranking points, so I need the odd big hitter like my vendetta.

    I am going to try a different list soon though. I haven't used my ogryns in a while and I would like to play around with primaris psykers.


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