Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cadian style Rough Riders

Above is my first attempt at Photoshop. It is a picture of the first (and so far only) rough rider I painted. I had converted ten rough riders back in 2003 and never quite got them finished off. So I have today dug them out from the bowels of my bitz box and started dusting them off. Here is the current (rather sorry) state of my remaining seven rough riders.
 As you can see they are pretty banged up. But I will talk you through them one by one. I wanted them to each have a unique feeling.
 This one is quite standard really, just trotting along.
 and a side pic of the same one.
 This guy is going to be the squad standard bearer. No rules for it, just a cool looking centre piece in my opinion.
 This unfortunate fellow has been shot mid charge.he will be clutching the wound and dropping his laspistol.
 The squad sergeant, he will have a power cavalry saber raised in the air and a pointing hand.
 This trooper is on the charge, lance pointed down.
And finally, the broken remains of the photo shopped rough rider. I hope to restore him to his former self.

I also plan to build a flamer rough rider for this squad, but plenty of repairs to undertake first.

That is all for now. I have got a busy week ahead, so may not get much time for an update for a while. I do however have the pictures ready for the next instalment of the Lasgun conversions series and have managed a bit more work on the knights of the realm, so watch this space!


  1. cool really cool i like how each has its own narrative

  2. Thanks FD Mini Painting. Still have a long way to go with these guys, but looking forward to getting them sorted at long last.

  3. It will be good to see them up and running again, as they have been to long.


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