Monday, 28 November 2011

Assault on Arkham- Autumn Annihilation: Army Profile Blood Angel Space Marines

Here is a stunning Space Marine force that was in action this weekend at Autumn Annihilation. I first came across this Army at Q-con earlier this year when it stomped all over my Mech guard. At Q-Con his force was quite a bit different, favouring the vanilla marines and six land speeders with dual heavy bolters. This list has been based on the blood angels and includes two Baal predators. The three riflemen dreads remain. :)

With a clean, coherent paint scheme and a tight colour pallet, this army was in the running for best painted, but was just pipped to the post by Tom's Orks.

So here are some close ups of this wonderful force...


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  2. Where are all his troops??!

  3. @ Stahly- Thanks for the invite, but Im already a follower of Tale of Painters and have added my blog to your blog role.

    @ Oink- Unfortunately it was nearing the end of the day and he was packed up ready to go when I managed to get pictures, so his troops where already away. I suppose we could pretend that they where hunkered down in their razorbacks. :)

  4. Unless I am mistaken, Blood Angels can take Death Co. dreadnoughts as troops.

  5. That is also true, they can indeed take death company dreads as troops, there are restrictions though, I think you have to take five death company to each dread.


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