Sunday, 27 November 2011

Assault on Arkham: Autumn Annihilation Results

Another fine weekends gaming and this time I never rolled a dice once. helping out rather than playing really give me the time to talk to more of the players and learn a lot more about the game. By game five I was really dying to move some miniatures and roll some dice, but I learned a lot from Johnny and Dale. Hopefully I learnt enough to run a decent tournament myself this space.

So the Winners (and Losers) at Assault on Arkham- Autumn Annihilation...

Best Army- Tom O'Reilly

A well deserved win for Tom in this category, especially after the hard work  getting his buggies ready!

Check out Toms Orks HERE on his blog

Third Place- Gary McNeill

A nice guy and one of the regular members of Arkham, Gary fought well throughout the weekend. His Grey knights will surely need to polish the heretic gore from there consecrated armour.

Second Place- Paul Quigley

Showing off his best BOSS pose, Paul used a vicious Venom based Dark Eldar to splinter cannon the opposition. I'm not sure there will be many Slaves to be found among the bloody pulp of his foes.

 First Place- Scott Waring

A infamous face on the 40k scene, Scott death rolled his way to victory with his mighty, battle wagon borne Orks.

Best Sportsman (and Last Place)- Jordan Black

Despite coming home in last place, Jordan (Crazy) won many battles for man. Showing us that pink with leopard print can work together and that no beard can escape the wrath of a mayonnaise laden subway sandwich.

Good luck to Jordan and all the guys at Lisburn gaming club with their Horus Heresy campaign. I would love to get in on this action!

Bloodiest Battle- Orks Vs Guard (Scott Waring and James Jennings)

As it should be, the Orks and Guard tore shreds out of each other. James runs a blog all about the virtues of Blob guard. He even has me converted to the cause... well almost. Check out his blog HERE. I will be doing a separate article on this at a later stage.

And finally all the results from the Assault on Arkham- Autumn Annihilation

Well done to everyone involved. Another great tournament. Hope to see you all next time at Winter Of War!!!


  1. Was a good event AJ, enjoyed chatting about blob guard and guard in general. Pity I had games to focus on during the talks :(

    I'll convince yo yet to try them out ;)

  2. Well we will have to meet up again soon and discuss guard tactics in full, with diagrams and flow charts. :) Next time we are taking a car up to Arkham we will give you a buzz, see if you want to jump in with us.

    I have been drafting up an experimental list over the last few days to try out. :)


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