Sunday, 2 October 2011

Vesen Campaign: Battle report- Part 2

Commissar Bilk Rallies his troops as the Ork Mech assault reaches the guard lines.

On the same day as Part 1 we played a second game. This time the points limit was 750pts. I had chosen a 750pt all Infantry list and my opponent tom had chosen an all mechanised Ork force. 

And so the battle continues...

As Various pre offensive raids return from the seek and destroy missions, one such raiding party ran into an Ork detachment moving along the Sectung line.  After several days of being pursued by the Orks, the imperial forces, headed by Lt. Fenzter, finally decided to make its stand against the Ork horde at cross roads 692. The Imperials dug in, using the penal troops cohort to raise defensive barriers as the Platoon squads sighted up. 

Clanking could be heard on the horizon. With each passing minute the noise drew closer and men's nerves began to fray. Only the stern leadership of Commissar Bilk, chief Commissar to the Vastadtian regiment could maintain discipline.

Finally the Imperials caught sight of the trudging machines that had harried them for three nights. 8 War walkers of varying design made their way up the highway towards the dug in guardsmen. Bilk ordered the men to stand firm. A sudden quite covered the crossroads as both sides sighted up...

   Deployment for the Battle of Crossroads 692

The Imperial Guard opened up with there shots as soon as the targets moved into range. One of the Killa Kans on the northern flank was hit and destroyed despite the interference of the shield. Although the sniper squad could not draw a bead on them, the Vastadtian forces knew from the disruption field, that at least one Mekboy was present. The lascannon in Lt. Dervant squad hit the largest of the dreadnoughts on the northern flank, but despite swaying heavily on its feet the armoured beast remained alive.

As the Kans began to speed up towards imperial lines they opened up with their fearsome Grotzoomas cannons and took out 7 imperial guardsmen, including Lt. Dervant.

Commissar bilk strode towards the defenses of the western flank, ordering the penal legion forward, in the hope that they would at least hold the kans at bay for long enough to give the missile teams time to sight up. 

The penal legion outflank the Killa Kans, in the hope that they may sell their lives to hold off the advance a little longer.

As Commissar Bilk barks orders the Sniper teams look for vulnerable portions of the war machines, firing at vision slits and hydrolic lines. Finding a lucky gap in the Dreadnoughts armour, the snipers stun the dreadnought on the west flank, forcing it to stumble backwards, and failing to open up with its massive flame thrower.

With the enemy almost at his firing line, Lt. Fenzter Moves his men into position, firing everything they have got before the metal tidal wave descends upon them. One more Killa Kan is Wrecked, slumping forward on its hips, smoke billowing from the vision hatch. 

The hail of grotzoomas continues to pummel the imperial defences and 6 more guardsmen are killed. The Penal troops engage three of the walkers, but are slowly crushed to death, despite valiant attempts to climb, club and bayonet the armoured giants. 

The Last of the penal Legionares are cut down, selling their lives dearly to give the defenders time to rally.

The Ork Vehicles Made it to hand to hand combat, locking each guardsman in a fight for survival. All seemed hopeless, yet the Imperial guard held fast, struggling with all their might. 

Many troopers where tore up by the hands of the Killa cans, yet Bilk, striding forward faced down two alone. Dodging a poorly concocted strike, bilk lunged with his power fist and knocked the ripping claw off its mount, before colliding into the loose faceplate of the second, smashing the driver through his controls. 
Bilk and his men stand firm.

The Killa Kans reach assault.

With two more of their precious contraptions destroyed by "Dat Hoomie wi da Silva 'And" The Orks Decided to fall back and regroup, giving Commissar Bilk, and the few remaining troops the opportunity to get clear.

 The battle was over, however the Guard offensive was just gathering momentum...

All in all, this was a fantastic days gaming. I am really looking forward to playing the third game we have had planned for this campaign arc, this time the battle gets a little bigger still, going up to the 1000 point mark.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, actually I enjoyed both of them. It adds definitely another dimensions to the days gaming and cant wait, to play the next instalment I think the guard has the attack.


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