Saturday, 8 October 2011

Imperial Guard Veterans with shotguns and meltaguns

Squad McPherson prepare for battle

After having a scour through the blog, I noticed that I hadn't even uploaded pics of the Veteran squads I had prepared for Q-con. I had built two squads, one with Shotguns and meltaguns and one with lasguns and meltaguns.
I was particularly pleased with how these squads turned out. I used plastic scout legs, Cadian and Catachan torsos and cut down and modified lasguns. I will post a short tutorial on how I made the shotguns sometime soon. The backpacks are from the Catachan and Cadian heavy weapons teams and command squad boxes.

The shotgun squad has a more scout feel to it with less bulky body armour and more exposed flesh. The lasgun squad I made look a little heavier. Here are some more pics of the shotgun squad.
 The squad meltagunnesr are made from a variety of bitz. One is a space marine meltagun and some flamer arms with the shoulder pads cut down, another is a cut down combi melta, with the bolter bit taken off, and the last one is simply a catachan command squad meltagun with some greenstuffed sleeves.

I was very pleased with how the sleeves look. its a simple conversion, but I think its a great look for the more casual guardsman.

Sgt McPherson of the 40th corps. This is the second model I have produced for this sergeant. I posted the original one HERE. I ran a competition on 40konline for the original model I made of this character asking for people to name him. Then everyone on the board voted for the favourite name (which was Sgt McPherson obviously) and the winner received the original model.

In the end though, I enjoyed making the original so much that I had to have one in my own army. Who better to lead a squad of Shotgun vets.

Some pictures of the grunts here. As you can see I used bitz from all over the place to produce this squad. I don't think there is a guard plastic infantry kit that isn't used in this squad. I've even got a few empire and space marine scout heads mixed in.  I'll post up the second squad soon. In the mean time I will be continuing work on my Hobby To Do List!

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  1. Well done mate, I like how you have used other kits that you had left over rather than buy something diffrent. I like your Sgt McPherson carrying two shotguns makes him look very Ramboish.


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