Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hydra Templates and tutorial- Part 2 (Gun Platform)


So welcome to part two. This tutorial will be working on the platform section of the gun shield. It has been said that the gun platform is not needed, and I would say that this is a valid argument. However I think the platform really completes the gun. Here is a stand alone picture of the platform...
 Without the gun
And with the gun

So first up, here are the templates. 

An improvement on my first attempt, but still not perfect. I think the best bet is to build these into a downloadable PDF which will be perfectly scaled, but that will be for another day.

So as always we start by cutting out the pieces (I deleted this pic from the memory card by accident, but I'm sure you get the idea!).

Then it is important to test fit the base, ensuring that it clears the other portions of the vehicle, giving the gun 360 degrees arc of fire.

Then we attach Section C to both part A's, like so...

Once this is sturdy, add this component to the base, leaving seven millimetres from the slot to the triangular struts of each section A.
We can now add both of the B sections to the sides of each section A.
Add them to where section A cuts in towards the join to section C. Here is an upside down pic for a better view...
This is the main structure of the platform completed. It is important at this point to once again test fit the platform before adding detail.
 This is where it can become very tight...
From here it is simply a matter of adding detail to the platform, Here are a couple more photos to show you what I added to finish the piece platform.
 I added textured plasticard to the walkways, and added small of cuts of plasticard between the steps to seal off the joins. I also bent a paperclip to act as a handrail, however this has been quite badly damaged and the supporting pillars have snapped off. I will have to repair this before gluing the platform back onto the vehicle.
I will do a tutorial on detailing with textured plasticard soon, including where to get it and how best to use it. 
That's all for now, hopefully this will be of some use to some of you. If anyone uses these templates or tutorials, please send me pics and I will stick them up on the blog here (only with your permission of course!)

Any problems with the templates please let me know and I will try my best to help.


  1. it's good to see them getting a little bit more love, as I know you're eager to get them finished.

  2. Very interesting conversion is approached vehicle of our time.
    There is a nice job, especially the conversion corresponds well with the imperial guard.


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