Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bretonnian Knights and To Do list

Well over the last few months my hobby has taken a bit of a back seat, whilst I've been trying to settle back in at home and save up a bit of cash, but its time for me to get back on the wagon.

I've slowly been working away at the Bretonian knights of the realm unit. So far its going well, but quite a bit of work still to go on these guys. I always find Cavalry far more time consuming than infantry. Here is a few pictures of how I'm getting on.

And on to my To Do List. The last time I did this it was very successful and really helped focus my mind on projects I really needed to finish. This was one of the main reasons I started blogging and I am glad to be getting back to it know that things have calmed down again in real life. I like to keep my to do list short, as too much stuff on there and I feel swamped and never finish anything. So here it is, my top five To DO hobby projects...

1. Finish Bretonian Knights of the realm- Pretty self explanatory this one.

2. Paint the full platoon for 5th company, based on tester model- I never got round to doing the platoon for my supply company. I had done a test model  but ran out of time for the tournaments and had to use a platoon from my 40th Corps Guard army. 

3. Finish the Gun shields for my Hydras- Again, due to a rush at tournament time, my second squadron of hydras never received the gun shields for the flak cannons. Something I need to address.

4. Add Crew and troop Dioramas to the Troop trucks- Something I have wanted to do for a while was to add more mini diorama style elements to the troop bays of my trucks like this one here

5. Complete the plasticard Warhound Titan- A project I started a few months ago, but never got round to finishing off. There is still a lot of work to do in this one, but I think it will be worthwhile when its done. 

Well That is the list as it stands. I will update the list as I report my progress on here.    

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