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Vesen Campaign continues- Battle reports:Part 1

Lt Hindt dismounts his stricken Armoured Car to clear the attackers with his flamer squad.

Some of you may remember the first campaign day I posted about here

Well following on from these battles we continued to play out another few missions from the story. We played two more games, one 500pt mission and one 750pt mission.

With the Orks held on the Sectung line and forces stalemated over a long winter, the imperial guard prepared to once again go on the offensive.

This time, fearing another ill timed counter from the Orks, the imperials, now under the direct command of Brigadier General Parak, devised a strategy of probing raids. Troops from the battle hardened and highly versatile 32nd Vastadtian regiment where ordered to puncture Ork lines, seek out opportunistic targets and recon  enemy positions before breaking back through to imperial lines with whatever information was available. These missions where high risk, however, where successful, proved very valuable to the imperial cause on Vesen.

The first game we played was based on a scaled up Kill team mission from the fan made game. Basically 500pts of imperial guard, returning from one of the afore mentioned raids had to smash through Ork lines, escaping with whatever information they had gleaned from the enemy. Each player had a corner of the 4X4 table like so...

The Imperial forces were as follows
Company command squad in Centaur
Platoon command squad with Chimera
Infantry squad in chimera X2 
sly marbro

Ork Forces included

3X Kannon
30 Boys with Nob and Power Claw
30 Boys with Nob and Power Claw

The Imperials opened the battle, opening fire on the Kannon positions and gunning their engines towards the Ork lines. Planning to puncture a hole in the Ork defences, Captain Sperick ordered his Light Centaur transport to find cover in the trees on the south east of the battlefield.

 The crude Ork Defence lines and trenches would be treacherous for the Half tracked troop transports, so he hoped his forces could flank the mobbing green skins.

Blue Platoon held the centre and moved up, leaving only second squad behind, in the hope that they could bring their heavy weapons to bare on the dug in Kannon. Firing was exchanged but neither managed to inflict serious damage apart from one Kannon exposed on the north west of the battle field being decommissioned by some well place autocannon shells. 

In the early stages of the battle, the Orks held firm, moving forward slightly, but continuing to block the path of the oncoming Vastadtian vehicles
The Ork Kannon sight up as Imperial Troop Transports come into view over the horizon.

By the middle of the battle (Turn Three) Imperial and Ork forces were face to face and it was then that captain Sperick ordered his mission operative to go live. Detonating a munition charge deep beneath the Ork emplacement, the blast ripped through half a dozen Orks and disorientated the Orks left flank. Lt Hindt ordered his chimera forward, letting rip with his squad flamers on the milling Ork mob. With the Mob reduced to under half their numbers the Ork left flank looked like it was going to crumble, however, the remaining Orks held their ground and counter-charged the now exposed mission specialist and the vulnerable command chimera.

The mission specialist was cut down by brutal combat, however the chimera survived, although the crew found it a struggle to get away. In order to protect the Vehicle the command squad dismounted and flamed the remaining Orks. Their glory however was short lived as blistering fire from the second Ork mob, quickly wiped them out. 

Despite the loses Captain Sperick presses the advantage and orders his remaining forces to push towards the gap in the Ork Lines. Spotting his Chance, Captain Sperick is the first to tank shock his way free of the battlefield, pushing right through the Ork lines. 

The troop truck containing first squad risk the mounds of rubble and corpses to escape through the gaping hole in the Ork line to their north, quickly followed by Lt Hindt's now empty armoured car. 

The rear guard now had to run the gauntlet, pushing through the gaps which where now tightly closing. 
The rearguard Troop truck prepares to begin its escape as Ork forces press forward.

The troop transport lurched forward along the road, pushing through barricades and slewing round craters. Ork shots and claws raked the side of the truck as it eventually made its escape, suffering only damage to its hull mounted weaponry.

This was a great game from start to finish, and we both had a lot of fun playing it. Most of the mission components we made up as we went along, but all in all we kept up the ethos of a real battle. What would the troopers have done, how would they have reacted to the changing tactics. 

Next time an Ork Kan wall goes against an all infantry guard force holding a strategically important cross roads.... 

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  1. Just looking through some of your stuff and stumbled across this, the way the game should be played in some ways.


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