Saturday, 24 September 2011

Valkyrie Down

'Ave a Go Annie- downed during a routine training flight...

The Title and picture say it all really. Whilst continuing the never ending unpacking process I (foolishly) decided to move my Valkyries to a 'safer' location. In transit I slipped on the ever growing pile of rubble being sorted and dropped this doomed aircraft. 

At this point I would like to mention that I own 5 Valkyries, three of which are currently completely built and painted. One of these is an original Forge World Variant purchased in 2003. Can anyone tell where I might be going with this?!?

There is a silver lining to this cloud. I was never able to get a good picture of the pilots "Top Gun" style helmets with the canopies glued in place. 

 I must also say at this point, that this isn't the first time this particular model has been smashed up. Indeed it is the third time. I guess some models are pretty damned unlucky. if anyone has a tale of miniature woe, please share!

The first time was shortly after I had originally bought and painted the model at warhammer world. My brother was driving me home from the Club in my home town when he was cut up and had to break and swerve, throwing the Valkyrie which was carefully nestled in the rear seat forward and onto the floor.

After this incident I had been introduced to Epoxy resin. Nothing would destroy my precious Valkyrie now I thought as I placed the newly refurbished Valkyrie on my bedside table...

...nothing except a force of nature with four paws, a wagging tail and a drooling jaw will destroy my Valkyrie now I was forced to rethink a few hours later... 

And so a few years passed and the much maligned Valkyrie sat and gathered dust, until replacement tail booms started to be made and sold in plastic. A year after starting uni (2009) and my Valkyrie was back in action, later converted to hold the three twin linked lascannon needed to upgrade to a Vendetta.

And tonight I must finally take the blame for destroying what I created. 

So what do I do now? Do I rebuild? Do I cut my loses and break up the vehicle for parts? Do I bury it in the garden and hold a small memorial in its honour? Tell me what you think.

Also, do you have any stories of unlucky models? 

That's all for now. Next post I hope to bring news of  creation rather than destruction :).  



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  4. Rebuild I say. Like a phenix it will rise from the ashes and sore once more.

  5. I had a guy knock over my forgeworld valk once in the middle of a game. Rebuild I say!

  6. you rebuild it and give it some battle honors!

  7. @ Unite All Action Crash investigators have been and gone- definetly a design fault.

    @ Tamara- Ive done enough of breaking Toms things I think. Lol. A certain High Elf Chariot we wont mention...

    @Commissar Dave- Sound good a Pheonic from the ashes. Maybe I should try and rebuild it like the plane they build in flight of the pheonix with a single boom design.

    @Tallarn- Oh no. Hope the Valkyrie was alright. Im sure the other person was embarrased, I know I would be mortified.

    Well it seems the general consensus is for a rebuild. I may have to do an extra special job this time, I've got a bit of an idea forming in my head at the moment, but it still needs fleshing out.


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