Thursday, 22 September 2011

Famous Faces of the Vastadtian 32nd - Part 2

The 40th Corps badge in use during the battle for Medusa, the campaign which saw the formalisation of the 40th corps.

So continuing on from Part 1, today's instalment will include the Ecclesiarchy, the Commissariat and Adeptus Mechanicus figures that are part of the Vastadtian regiments make up.

Commissar Bilk

One of the few non- Vastadtians in the regiment, Bilk has earned the respect, loyalty and awe of the Vastadtian troopers. Many myths surround Bilk; his single handed dual with a gargantuan squiggoth, besting an Iron Warriors commander in single deadly combat and fighting off a renegade space marine army with only a handful of troops. Whatever the truth, Commissar Bilk remains the backbone of discipline throughout the regiment.

Missionary Zelick

A man of few words, Zelick is revered among the Vastadtian. A guard veteran, even in retirement he continues to follow the Imperial war machine through the stars. On the eve of battle he can regularly be found sitting with a gathering of soldiers, leading songs and chants to the emperor.

Preacher Mahann

Where Missionary Zelick is quiet and sombre, Preacher Mahann is bombastic and colourful. Whilst his Master Zelick has natural presence Mahann has the fervent energy inspired by his faith. He regularly takes the field with the 3rd company.

Adept Confenti

This relatively young adept leads the Adeptus Mechanicus elements of the 32nd Vastadtian and presides over the many machine charges within the regiment. Little is known about the Adept, although he is regularly treated with suspicion by the men, who fail to understand the ways of the Mechanicus. Despite this they appreciate the support the adept provides, and welcome his presence on the battlefield. 

Once again that's all for now. The next instalment is likely to include the Adeptus Psykana, as well as some individual squad leaders who are worthy of note.

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