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Famous Faces of the Vastadtian 32nd- Part 1

Urgluk- Banner bearer of the 40th Corps Abhuman Auxilia- Attached to the 32nd Vastadtian forces

As many of you may know, my Imperial Guard regiment is called the Vastadtian 32nd. I wanted to start making an account of the background I have built up for this battle hardened unit over the last 8 years.

Vastadt is a Vault world, lying to the galactic south of Cadia. It is designated as a Vault world, Storing the vast material wealth of many families, guilds and indeed planetary governments across the entire sub sector. This responsibility has natuarally made the Vastadtians suspicious of new comers and strangers, yet fiercely loyal and stubborn.

The regiment actually made up of two smaller units; the 1000 man strong Vastadtian 32nd Infantry Battalion and the 7th Vastadtian Armoured Korps. The combined arms element of the Vastadtian 32nd is allowed (however begrudgingly) by the Imperial Munitorium due to both the relatively small size of the regiment, and the autonomy of the missions that it often is called upon to fight. It is only every 4th regiment raised on Vastadt that is formed in this way, as these regiments are formed from the motorised elite PDF and security forces, rather than conscripted from the masses.

These regiments leave Vastadt trained to operate on long range missions independently, allowing them to fulfil any battlefield role.
First company in the regiment is the heavy infantry and is (traditionally) the regimental commanders company.

Second company is the scout company.

3rd and 4th are the main battle companies and 5th company is the support/supply company.

The armoured corps consists of three main battle tank companies, a scout company, a superheavy company and an artillery company. The armoured corps also maintains the regiments motorpool of chimeras and engineering vehicles.

I will delve deeper into the structure of the regiment in another post, but for now, I wish to show you some of the famous (or Infamous) faces of the Vastadtian 32nd. We'll start with the company commanders.

Captain Sperick
The newly promoted commander of fourth company. This company is currently attached to the defence of the 40th Corps, acting as honour Guard for the command base, The Dodecahedron. This company contains the fearsome stairguard who are the internal security forces of the 40th Corps.

Sperick was a fledgling Lt. in the 4th company during the horizon campaign. Following the blunders (some would say cowerdice) of Major Dewalth (then 4th company commander), Sperick rallied the 4th company around his platoon banner in order to counter an Ork assault and recapture the ground they had lost.

With Major Dewalth posted back to command staff in disgrace, Brigadier General Parak (commander of the  32nd Vastadtian and the 88th Brigade, 40th Corps) promoted the young Lt. to commander of the 4th company.

Major Dewalth

Major Dewalth began his career in guard intelligence. He spent most of his early years at 40th Corps HQ working tirelessly to improve cogitator relays and vox signal recognition. A favourite of one of the senior Generals, he was posted to field command in order to "achieve glory and respect of the men, worthy of his status". However after a disastrous opening to the Horizon campaign, his field command ability was quickly brought into question. Despite calls for his court martial (and eventual execution), Parak, supported by Commissar Bilk, redeployed Dewalth to support staff. In this position he has excelled, fighting for the Emperor not through skill at arms, but through his own methodical research skills. He occasionally is called upon to take the field in the role of Master of Ordnance. 

Major Eklan

Major Eklan is one of the most experienced field commanders in the 32nd Vastadtian. It often is seen as a slight to his character that he was overlooked for command of 4th company, and instead received command of 5th company- Supply. At first the then captain Eklan was enraged, however shortly after his appointment, Parak invited him to high command.

It was during this pompous ceremony that Parak and Eklan sat on the service access ramp, swigging a bottle of finest Jolique, allowing parak to explain the true reason behind the Captains appointment to fifth.

Parak reasoned that the 32nd Vastadtian, with its small numbers couldn't afford to have a lazy supply company. He needed a fighting company that could also ensure a secure supply line. A high value target like a supply convoy needed protecting, and the manpower wasn't available to babysit it.So Eklan's task was to whip the company into shape, and that is exactly what he did. Despite being one of the smaller companies, the supply company now houses some of the regiments most disciplined battle troops, ready to fight through roadblock and ambush, ensuring the main battle companies are kept supplied.

Captain Pluskat

Captain Pluskat is the younger brother of Col. Pluskat (commander of the 7th Vastadtian Armoured). Captain Pluskat commands the 3rd company of the Vastadtian. He has fought as commander of the third from the regiments founding and has fought in every theatre of war the regiment has taken part in. His most celebrated victory came on Vesen, where he lead a detachment of his company, 4th company and elements of 7th Armoured to victory, holding a vital installation despite repeated onslaughts from over whelming numbers of ork, chaos and even piratical Eldar whilst being blasted by orbital weapons. In the Heat of battle captain Pluskat managed to personally slay the chaos overlord.

It must be noted that there are two 32nd Vastadtian company commanders not present. The first is the first company commander- Mknight. The other is second company commander, and commander of the 32nd Vastadtian Infantry Battalion Col. Damek

The main reason they aren't pictured above is that I currently don't have models for them. I will update this later when I have them.

Thats all for now. I will continue this series in part two with the commissariat, eclisiarchy and the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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