Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autocannon conversion

Here is the Autocannon team I built for the Arkham tournament last month. I had shown my original progress of this piece, but unfortunately I failed to get any more in progress shots. This weapon is based off the work of Le Mediko- a fabulous converter and painter who has been a massive inspiration to me. His work can be found on warseer.com and on the Work In Progress forums.

Anyway, here are some more shots of the finished piece. As you can see, this one is in the livery of the 40th Corps, however, I am planning three more for my current support company. 


  1. very nice conversion! going to do any more or is this just a one off?

  2. I think i'm going to make at least three more to create a heavy weapons squad for my current guard army.

  3. it actually looks great painted and it has came out very well. The Base really helps give it some sense of size.

  4. I think next time, without rushing to get them tournament ready, I will be able to add rivets and fill it out a bit more.


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