Monday, 22 August 2011

Paintball + Tank = WIN!

My Ride for the day: 10th August 2011

I must apologise for the long period of Absence, I’ve had quite a busy month. I was back in Ireland for the awesome Assault on Arkham Tournament (More on this later), My family came to stay with me in England for a few days, I have been looking for a job and I have been preparing to move back to Ireland for the time being.

Not much hobbying time then, but I did get to experience something very different this August...

For Christmas 2010 my very lovely parents got me a present that I didn’t even know existed....

Tank-balling! Basically you take a 4 tonne Trojan (or Bulldog, depends where you are from) armoured personnel carrier, mount a 40 millimetre compressed gas cannon turret which fires ping pong balls filled with water based paint and put over enthusiastic civilians in it.

This was one of the best days out I have ever had. The Place was Armourgeddon and included a tankballing arena, a tank driving track, some small arms and archery stuff as well as regular paintballing. They also had a rather sweet collection of armoured vehicles ranging from a WW2 Sexton (which they were about to restore), to a Humber Pig (which was used extensively in Northern Ireland during the troubles). They even had a T-55.

From a modelling point of view it was really great to see these vehicles up close. I got lots of inspiration from the day at Armourgeddon and a huge insight into how an armoured vehicle works. Before I honestly had very little knowledge on anything but the aesthetics. Now I have a better appreciation for how they move, how they feel, what a crew goes through and how little of the outside world you really can see.

For the Tank-balling Battle, I was in the loader position and I saw nothing of the battlefield, I had a periscope, but didn’t have time to use it as I frantically loaded, charged and fired the weapon.

Here are a few pictures of the museum tanks, unfortunately, the camera which had all the pictures of me in the tank was taken back to Ireland with my family, so I will get them uploaded later on in the month. I must say though, I do look incredibly silly in the Tank helmet.
Quad 50cal- Just so cool!
I Love these bull bars. I think my half tracks are going to get these as an upgrade!
Id really like to build some of these amphibious vehicles for my guard. I think they look amazing and I have always wanted to try a beach landing game!
The sexton- This was rather a lovely old girl, despite her condition, and I said I would come back when they had restored it. Id love to see this when its fixed up.
The mighty T-55. This thing was quite huge!

I have loads more pictures, but most might seem a little boring (close up on road wheels and rivet types anyone?!?). I haven't even posted pics of the artillery or Small arms they had on display either, but I think I will put these on my photobucket another time and link across to save some space.


  1. that looks like fun we will have to do this together hopefully you got some inspiration for a project in the future.


    That has to be the coolest thing I've ever heard of.

  3. @ Uniteallaction- We will definetly have to do this. Its just up the road from Nottingham...A potential gaming and tanking weekend?!?
    I got loads of inspiration, especially for some artillery.

    @ #2501- It really was very cool. My instructor (Foggy) was brilliant. He was ex British army and was able to tell me a whole lot about not only the tanks we were using, but about all of the tanks and field pieces in the museum.

    very much worth a go if you get the chance!

  4. The moment I saw that first pic, the memories came flooding back. Me and a mate went to Armourgeddon a couple of years back, we had a blast mate. Looks like they've acquired a few more vehicles since we went.

  5. Col.Corbane, glad you enjoyed it. It really is an awesome place. I've just recognised your profile pic, Looks like it was from Armourgeddon.


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