Thursday, 25 August 2011

Assault on Arkham- Best Army

It’s hard to find words to describe a well put together Nurgle Army. You can’t call it nice or beautiful or anything like that, but you can’t say it’s hideous or repellent despite the intent. So I suppose the only way to do this is to say that the winner of best army at Assault on Arkham was Hideously Nice.  

The best army winner at Arkham was a very cool Nurgle army. I love the ethos behind this army and the use of wood elf and tree man and even Ent bitz is simply inspired. Stuart, the proud owner of this fantastic army, created this army almost out of necessity.

With the desire for a new army and without the huge bank loan needed for a new force these days, he scavenged and raided all his available resources and crafted this cracking force. He has still found the room for the odd nice forge world buy (as we all like to do from time to time), but has largely done this army on a shoe string budget. 

I think this is exactly the kind of ingenuity that we as gamers should be starting to look at given the current economical climate, price hikes and general shortage of funds everywhere.

The copious use of green stuff and the general excellence of the conversions  show on this army, binding together all that is great about the hobbying side of our hobby.

As yet, over the two tournaments we have both played we have yet to meet on the table top, but I am really looking forward to fighting this force. Unfortunately my photography skills hardly do justice to the army, but hopefully the ingenuity and quality of the work shine through my over-exposed attempts at pictures.  

There were several other very nice armies at Arkham gaming centre for this tournament. Michaels Death Wing where very nice, Toms Orks were looking sharp as always and the Eldar and Darragh's Grey Knights also looked pretty cool to name but a few.  However it was a deserved win in the end for this very creative Nurgle Army. Well done Stuart!

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