Monday, 11 July 2011

Vendettas- 2 down 1 to go

Well another one of the units that I have only recently fully tested at q-con is the vendetta. This has turned very quickly into one of my favourites. Ive built two now, and for the tournament at Arkham gaming centre next month, I'm planning to squeeze in another one.

During the game the Vendetta offers a massive amount of flexibility. The triple lascannon do tend to make them reasonably static, however if your lucky enough to have one alive late in game then they are great at grabbing or contesting that last minute objective.

There is also some debate over the best choice of unit to mount inside. A lot of people seem to be leaning towards melta vets. I personally like to keep my vets in chimeras and mount either special weapons squads, infantry squads or even a penal legion squad in them. My main reason for this is that it with no firepoints, my meltavets would have to get out to be effective, whereas, with a cheap squad inside them, I am enabling the vendetta to effectively become a scoring unit.

As for the conversion, if you have six spare lascannons lying around, then it is very simple to convert. I will do a small tutorial when I build my next one.

Im just writing up a provisional list for arkham, so I will upload it when its done.


  1. Managed to get a pair of vendettas into my 1750pt list (found here and in my tests seem to have come to similar conclusiosn as yourself.

    Personally, I agree that meltavets are not best suited for vendettas. No, they seem to work better in Valks. I have a few units which I find work well;

    The first is a unit of flamer vets. This unit helps to form the vendetta as a defensive load out. As you pointed out, the lascannons can keep it relatively slow (6" to shoot all weapons), so you can just keep it near your backfield and then jump the vets on any infantry that get in close to threaten nearby units.

    In a similar vein, I have also tried using a platoon command squad (I use these with flamers in coutner attack mode too) but this also has the flexibility of moving about an order issuign unit quickly to where they are needed. Granted they need ot get out to actually issue orders... but that's not always an problem if it is really down to that crunch moment.

    I'm loving the vendetta at the minute - even though my lascannons seem to not like hitting much. At the end of the day though - they are far more cost effective than a lascannon HWS...

  2. I agree. They are perfect platoon command squad carriers. Especially with three flamers.

    I think flamer vets are a bit pricey though, as you can get the same effectiveness from a special weapon squad for almost half the points. Having said that, it is handy having a few extra bodies around to soak up damage if the vendetta gets hit.

    I've put a little list together which I will upload later today.


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