Tuesday, 5 July 2011

converted troop trucks completed pictures

Well my ambitious 3 at once attempt at the troop trucks was completed just in time for q-con. Luckily I managed to get them, the manticore, another vendetta and the veterans converted and painted in time for q-con. I was very lucky to walk away with best painted army, despite some excellent competition. heres some pics of the troop trucks, i will try to get more pictures of the other models up soon, aswell as a group shot to show how the army is progressing.

There is still a bit of detail to go on these. I still want to create a series of dioramas to mount in the troop bays, like i did with the first one, but for now they are at least game worthy.

With the prize of a 70 pound voucher for replay games shop in bangor, I was able to purchase another two ork trucks and two aegis defence boxes, so I plan on getting another two hydras converted soon, ready in time for another tournament in august.

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