Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bitz and Bobz

With the Assault on Arkham tournament only around the corner, my list has been submitted. There are a few units I still have to finish off before next Saturday. Namely...

1 Vendetta
1 Infantry Squad with Auto cannon
2 Hydra Flak Tanks
and 1 Melta gunner model to round off my third melta vets squad.

Most of the components are at home, so work will have to start in earnest tomorrow. However here's a few snaps of what I have managed in the mean time. I got started today with what I could, namely some scratch building.

This is the beginnings of a Auto cannon team, based off the work of Le Mediko over on Work In Progress and the Warseer forums. His guard army is very inspiring, and I have been dying to have a go at one of his impressive weapon platforms for a while. Once I get home and can measure it up against the autocannon, this project should be wound up in no time. 

The most time consuming unit I will have to undertake this week will undoubtedly be the Hydra flak tanks. Luckily I have had the time this week to build up most of the plasticard components, so it should just be a matter of getting home and sticking them all on the Ork Trukk chassis. Still haven't managed to tackle the gun shields yet, which could cost me a few sleepless nights this week. 
Here is a selection of what I have done (the most interesting bitz anyway, the rest is mostly just rectangles and squares).


  1. Holy cow, now that is ambitious for a week, good luck!

  2. Thanks for the luck, the more the better. :)

    It is quite a tall order, but I am fairly confident. The 'detta is at home half built, the melta gunner just needs a coat of paint and the infantry squad should be quick and painless. My main worry is the Hydras as I said, trying to get as much of the bodywork done as possible before flying home tomorrow.

  3. hopefully you enjoyed your lunch

  4. Lol. I did indeed enjoy my lunch. It was all the better spending a cracking weekend with my best mates though!


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