Tuesday, 12 July 2011

1750 Guard list- possible list for Arkham Tournament (Mech!!!)

5th "Supply" Company, 32nd Vastadtian Fusilleers "Emperors Own"

Company command squad
2 meltaguns
1 laspistol and CCW
company commander- laspistol and CCW
Officer of the Fleet 
Mounted in Chimera

Blue Platoon

 Platoon command squad
4 flamers   
Lt. laspistol+CCW (in Vendetta)

Blue 1- Infantry Squad- Flamer (in Vendetta)
Blue 2- Infantry Squad (in Chimera)

 Veteran squad
3 meltaguns
(in Chimera)

Veteran squad
3 meltaguns
(in Chimera)

Special weapons squad -3 flamers(in Vendetta)
Special weapons squad -3 flamers(in Vendetta)

Eagle 1 (codename- 'Ave a Go Annie)- Vendetta 

Eagle 2 (codename- Big Bang Betty)- Vendetta

Eagle 3 (codename- Charming Charlie)
Eagle 4 (codename- Dainty Debra)

AA Battery 1- 2xHydra
AA Battery 2- 2xHydra

Vastadtian Special Rocket Detachment- Manticore Missile Launcher

1750 pts

This list has a serious amount of heavy fire, my only concern is making sure I have some troops left when the transports get popped. I know four vendettas is a push, but the fire power is very much welcome. Any ideas let me know!


  1. Hmm... this is tricky, I'd mostly suggest that your love affair with Vendettas, whilst largely understandable, does have to draw a line. Having squadroned Vendettas is NOT (IMO) the best way to run them. The only time I can suggest otherwise is if you are literally packing everything into valks and vendettas and have no other choice.

    I would strongly consider dropping one of the vendettas. I don't think they work well squadded up. You will have to consider how to best work with what you have left though. My initial thoughts would be to put the platoon squad in a chimera and then fit your platoon units out for ranged fire support.

    I think you may also need to consider some crowd control weapons. Granted you have lots of flamers, but you have very little in the way of mass firepower at distance so your remaining points may want to be spent looking at those options?

    Not sure how you'd feel about losing that Vendetta though!

  2. I think Id like to try the fourth vendetta out, but I may leave the experimenting until after the tournament.

    I may indeed try a list soon with an entire platoon in vendettas, as I think this would look really cool.


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