Sunday, 24 July 2011

1750 Guard list- Another possible list for Arkham Tournament (Mech!!!)

A veteran squad advances with a squadron of cargo-8 troop carriers.

After listening to some advice (thanks Oink) and crunching the numbers, I have come to appreciate that doubling my number of vendettas, whilst fun, may not double my effectiveness. 

I have decided to try out a slightly different list, bringing to the field an extra squad of melta vets and giving my objective campers a bit more fire-power with some points I had left over. Any advice would be well received, as this list isn't finalised yet. I have until next Saturday (30th July 2011) to submit the list for the tournament.

So here it is...

5th "Supply" Company, 32nd Vastadtian Fusiliers "Emperors Own"

Company command squad
2 meltaguns
1 laspistol and CCW
company commander- plasma pistol and CCW
Officer of the Fleet 
Mounted in Chimera

Blue Platoon

 Platoon command squad
4 flamers   
Lt. Laspistol + CCW (in Vendetta)

Blue 1- Infantry Squad- Flamer (in Vendetta)
Blue 2- Infantry Squad- Autocannon (in Chimera)
Special weapons squad -3 flamers(in Vendetta)

 Veteran squad
3 meltaguns
(in Chimera)

Veteran squad
3 meltaguns
(in Chimera)

Veteran squad
3 meltaguns
(in Chimera)

Eagle 1 (codename- 'Ave a Go Annie) - Vendetta 
Eagle 2 (codename- Big Bang Betty) - Vendetta

Eagle 3 (codename- Charming Charlie) - Vendetta

AA Battery 1- 2xHydra
AA Battery 2- 2xHydra
Vastadtian Special Rocket Detachment- Manticore Missile Launcher

1750 pts


  1. Plasma Pistols, first off, are horrible wastes of points. There's no point. Better with a Power Weapon, but I wouldn't take either.

    Also, why only 2 Meltas in the CCS? Statistically, you need 3 to get a decent chance of rolling a 'destroyed' result, because you have 50-50 odds on the Pen Chart.

    Finally, what do you benefit delivering Flamers via Vendetta? If you don't plan to get out, fair enough, making them scoring is Sauce, but delivering Melta lets you remove Land Raiders and similar threats early doors and administer some pain with your ranged elements/buy time for the Deathstrike to maybe possibly work. (I assume you won't be talked out of that, so I won't try)

  2. I'm an idiot, it says Manticore. :/

    Manticores are great, keep it. lol

  3. You make some good points, Thanks for your comments, hopefully I can explain my choices.

    Well, first up, my commander is modelled with a plasma pistol, and I don't think I will have the time to change this. I know its not ideal, and I would rather use those ten points on an extra meltagun for the command squad. Its not terrible to have the plasma pistol though, just not an entirely optimising choice.

    I don't understand melta vets in vendettas. Vendettas aren't really designed to fly close to the enemy, and that's what melta vets need to do. For fifty points (half the cost of a melta vet squad) I can get a special weapon squad in a vendetta to make it scoring and have three flamers for point defence or even last turn objective clearing.


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