Saturday, 18 June 2011

scratch built manticore

With the poor light and the veterans and truck pictures I took earlier coming out blurry, I thought I would show you what Ive spent this evening working on. I didnt want my manticore to be too different from the GW model, but I wanted to stay away from a tank and keep it more armoured car. I seen some cool flatbed trucks, but that required a spare trukk chassis i dont have and I fancied working on something a little different for now. Heres some WIP pics to show how the build has gone so far. Just waiting on the last couple of wheels to cure from the casting process.

So a longbodied version of the armoured car, I might use this style of chassis to produce some hellhounds further on down the line, aswell as some other forgeworld variant vehicles, possibly a trojan?!

More soon!!!


  1. I cannot believe that you scratch builted it, you really have come on and you can see you are improving each and every time you build something new.

    Where did you get them wheels from they look like they're made of resin.

  2. That was an awesome idea, you pulled it off well.

  3. Hey AJ, great seeing this stuff up close at QCon!! Congratulations on the win again, totally deserved, did a bit of shameless plugging of your Godlike converting skills over on the War Altar ( if you're interested. Hope to sees yous all at more events!!

  4. hi there. cheers for the plug! im definetly gonna get to as many events as i can! think we are already making plans to attend arkhams tourney in august!

  5. See you there so :D I do believe I have some revenge on a certain purple sisters player you may know >:(


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