Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Guard troop truck and converted veterans

Well with my exams over and Q-con fast approaching (25.6.11) I will probably be updating progress thick and fast over the coming week or two.

With the list all but finalised I have got a fair amount to do, finishing off the trucks, the veterans squads, the battle psykers, the manticore and the two vendettas. But as luck would have it, I have a whole week to concentrate on tying up these loose ends.

First up, heres the progress on the trucks. I would like to add some more detail in the rear but with time limited I will be doing this after the tournement. Just got to get the tracks on and they are ready for painting.

Heres the truck commanders. I like to think of this guy below as the section commander, leading the logistics section of the troop trucks. Thats why he's got the peak cap and the map!
 Ive had this guy below for ages. Only just got round to fitting him in somewhere. I gave him a set of cut down tank commander legs and he fitted like a glove.
 This gunner is just a hodge podge of bitz really. I plan on giving him some rolled up sleaves.
As you can see these trucks have been equipt with heavy flamers rather than heavy bolters. Ive taken these from the sentinel sprue.
 With stowage bits running short, ive had a good old rummage in my bitz boxes. I found some cracking parts from the old metal scout bikers, below one of the saddle bags is slung onto the side of the bonnet.

Also I have started work on the two veteran squads. One of these squads will have shotguns and one will have lasguns. Heres a couple of examples.

Thats all for now. I better get back to the workface and churn out some more veterans. Again apologies for the pics quality. Still saving for a new camera!

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