Tuesday, 10 May 2011

More troop trucks- and Hoard O'Bits Review

 Well as the title suggests, there are more supply convoy troop trucks being built. This time I will be batch producing three in a row. Its amazing how much time this has saved me already. Its taken about three evenings of work to get to this point with all three trucks, which is about the same time as it would take with just one. I am hoping to have the main build finished before GW Vets Night this Thursday at GW Chester.

And as promised a review of Hoard O'Bits- a marvelous shop I found on EBay.  I have received another fantastic bits order from the guys at Hoard O'Bits. I have purchased from them many times and this morning just received my latest order. They are based in the US, but have always delivered to me promptly. Also, the packing is excellent, and all the parts are supplied in individual bags and sent in a neat little perspex case. They also sell from their own website now Here, but I have only used the EBay shop.

Here's a couple of pictures of my latest purchases which include- (4 Empire wizard bodies, 20 Cadian torsos, a sentinel heavy flamer and 18 Empire wizard arms- all of which came in at around $30/£20)


  1. Looks like more bits for me, great going AJ

  2. There will have to be some deals done I think!!! :)


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