Saturday, 14 May 2011

1500pt Mech Guard list and Penal Legion Conversions

I have been finalising my list over the last week, So far this is the list I will be building for the supply company. I wanted it to have some decent man power, have the feel of a convoy moving up the line, have a bit of top cover to protect it from aerial attack and be quite an effective all round mech list.

5th "Supply" Company, 32nd Vastadtian Fusilleers "Emperors Own".

Squad Eklan- Company command squad
2 meltaguns
1 laspistol and CCW
Major Eklan (company commander)- Plasma pistol
 Mounted in Chimera

Blue Platoon

Squad Hindt- Platoon command squad
1 flamer
3 Grenade launchers
Lt. Hindt- laspistol+CCW
Mounted in Chimera

Blue 1- Infantry Squad- Flamer (in Vendetta)
Blue 2- Infantry Squad- Flamer (in Chimera)

Squad McPherson- Veteran squad
3 meltaguns
(in Chimera)

Squad Loklan -Veteran squad
3 meltaguns
(in Chimera)

Penal detatchment 009
Penal squad- (in Vendetta)

Eagle 1 (codename- 'Ave a Go Annie)- Vendetta
Eagle 2 (codename- Big Bang Betty)- Vendetta

Battle Pskyers Squad- Authorised under Overseer Doksain
6 Battle Pyskers (in Chimera)

AA Battery 1- 1st Gun- Righteous Vengeance (Hydra Flak Tank)
AA Battery 1- 2nd Gun- Furious Anger (Hydra Flak Tank)

Vastadtian Special Rocket Detachment- Manticore Missile Launcher

As you can see, I have decided to include a squad of penal troopers. Whilst not a great tournament choice, I feel they would be great fun and will provide a nice bit of colour for the force, as I intend to paint them in orange prison outfits.

I wanted the squad to look like they had been taken from the stockade, given a lasgun and pushed forward (I love the picture of them beside their entry on the codex).

 I was considering the Idea of them being from RIP (retraining, Induction, Punishment) detail (see Gaunts Ghosts- Armour of contempt). I may still introduce this later on, but for now they are straight up bone fide criminals!

Heres a few quick snaps of the conversions so far. Still two team members to go.

The Brave Custodian- With shaeffers head and the forgeworld officer body he is drawing his pistol to threaten the no good scum bags to serve the Emperor..or Else.  

 My personal favourite. I converted this guy to represent the knife fighters special rule. I think he looks quite psychotic enough to be in the penal squad.

The old boys of the squad, i wanted these guys to look a bit worn. I have used the odd zombie head and even an empire free company head.

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