Friday, 29 April 2011

Company Command Squad

With a few days off, and while still struggling for inspiration for the knights heraldry I decided to get the company command squad painted. Included is a company commander based off the old cadian lt., a master of ordnance based off the old griffon mortar and some meltagunners from the old command squad metal boxed set. I used a mix of the cadian and catachan command sprue to make a standard bearer. Paint wise, there is still some detail work to go, but Im quite pleased with the results so far. Im really enjoying the swamp turf I started using on the knights, so I added some to these models.

After messing around with vehicles for almost a whole year its really nice to get back to painting infantry again. Hopefully this bug will hold until I get a platoon and some veterans done.

 Still to finish off the banner here. was possibly going to use a white and blue colour scheme as 3rd company uses white and red, and 4th company uses white and yellow.

 The squad arrayed beside their transport.
Well with this unit nearing completion and my knights underway, Im almost ready to start a new hobby to do list. May have to treat myself to a special purchase for doing most of the current list.

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