Monday, 25 April 2011

Centaur stand in painted

After getting a little frustrated with the knights of the realm, I took a little time out to do a nice quick and simple unit, so that I could keep moving along with my hobby to do list. So here it is, the centaur stand in and trailer. This vehicle is basically a long bodied version of the Hoplite weapons carrier (see the hoplite label) and at the moment the only thing its missing is a name for such a varient. If anyone has any ideas, I would be greatful to hear them.

So my hobby to do list currently stands as follows:

Centaur stand in
Knights of the realm- Horses completed, still need heraldry and riders.
5th company command squad

Once I finish off the knights I will have a few more units to add to my list, currently sitting on the sidelines are more valkyries, a psyker battle squad, pegasus knights and a new veteran squad, but i think i will finish this list off before writing a new one.


  1. I like it! A nice clean build. I think you should name it "Pack Mule"

  2. Pack Mule sounds good actually. Definetly fits the idea.

  3. How about Ox?

    If it carried communication gear, you could nick name it "Vox Ox";)

  4. Ox is cool too. Might need to make a poll about this soon!


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