Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Army Painter Swamp Tufts 6mm- Product review

Well, whilst working on my knights I have been experimenting with a product i picked up a few months ago. As a basing tool the Army Painter Battlefields range is very good. I had admired the range for a while, but only managed to get my hands on it from a local stockist recently.

This was my first use of the swamp tufts and is surprisingly very easy to use. I thought it might be quite fiddly and expected the glue holding the tufts together to disintegrate, but the held up quite nicely and took a bit of punishment whilst I was moving them into place. Heres a few sample pictures...

If anything my only complaint is that they make the GW static grass look a little unrealistic, which means I may have a bit more work to do before I can call the knights bases finished.

All in all I strongly reccomend this product to people who want a little bit of static grass on an otherwise rock base.

In relation to the knights, Im pleased with how they are progressing. Still have a few more details to work out on the horses, such as heraldry on the barding and the gold icons, but I have managed to stay away from metallic paints so far, so I'm very pleased.


  1. Like the knight, esp the helmet. I concur that tufts are a fab way to improve bases quickly and easily!

  2. I'm going to have to get some of these for my gameboard!

    how do you stick them down?

  3. PVA wood glue works a treat. For a gaming board a glue gun and maybe a coat of matt varnish might strengthen the hold against wear and tear.


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